Self-Sacrifice and Keeping Your Word

Have you kept your word to someone at the sacrifice of yourself?  Is your word so important to you are willing to suffer to make it happen?

Is this really true?  I know this is something many of us fundamentally believe.  As one of my very favorite quotes go though:

You don't have to believe everything you think

How can keeping your word be such a deep priority if you aren't keeping your word to yourself?  How can it ever be for your good to keep your word to others at the sacrifice of your very being?

If you find you are struggling here, let's go back to those baby steps here and here.  Start small.  Keep your word to something small.  If I helps, make it a rule.  Here are some ideas:

  • I don't drink soda.
  • I pray before touching my phone in the morning.
  • I walk every single day.
  • I eat a salad every day.
  • I write in my journal before going to sleep.
Beardo was talking with someone recently who is struggling.  Dark night of the soul struggling.  He is miserable in his marriage.  And instead of seeking a divorce, he has been contemplating suicide.  

You don't have to believe everything you think

When suicide is the only option that you can see where you will not break your word to someone else, your thinking isn't thinking.  Thinking, in general, denotes logic.  You are feeling at that point.  And we regularly prove our feelings wrong.

Your word to yourself matters MORE than your word to others.  You are worth MORE than this.  You are loved and there is more out there than what you can see right now.  Hold on until the scales begin to fall from your eyes.  

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