Baby Steps Continued

Some ideas on how to break your goals out into baby steps.  Like baby, baby steps.  Baby Dingle baby steps?  Let's see who the cool kids are with that one...

  • Run a 5 K
    • Run a mile
      • Run a half mile
        • Run a quarter mile
          • Walk 30 minutes
            • Walk 15 minutes
              • Walk 10 minutes
                • Walk 5 minutes
                  • Walk to your mailbox
                    • Put your shoes on and walk to your front door

  • Lose 50lbs
    • Lose 40lbs
      • Lose 30lbs
        • Lose 20lbs
          • Lose 10lbs
            • Lose 5lbs
              • Cut out 1 food group you know you shouldn't be eating (All added sugar for instance)
                • Cut out 1 food item you know you shouldn't be eating (All soda)
                  • Reduce the frequency you have a food item you know you shouldn't be eating (1 soda a day)

  • Organize house
    • Organize 1 room
      • Organize 1 closet in room
        • Organize 1 shelf in closet in room
          • Find 1 item out of place and return it to its home

  • Become proficient in a new hobby
    • Complete 1 project
      • Research items needed for 1 project
        • Find if local/online group is available for hobby
          • Read up on new hobby
            • Watch video on new hobby

  • Get ahead in your career
    • Attend virtual or live conference in your career field
      • Find master classes in your field
        • Read further on your career in blogs, journals, new research
          • Find online training programs
            • Find local/online groups for career field
              • Spend 10 minutes reading daily on your career
                • Sign up for email alerts for online articles

Start at the top with where you want to go, what is your end game, how you will know you've arrived and work backwards.  Make it so small it will take a minute or minutes to achieve.  

Want to be an author.  Write 1 sentence today.  That's all.  

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