StoryTeller - Changing the Narrative


When we last met, Batman was trapped by the Joker once again... erm...

When we last met, we were talking about how we can get irritated by the very thing we were recently hoping for.  

That sweet, lovely puppy... that's shitting all over your white couch.  

We have a couple issues that come to mind in this situation.  

1) Awareness - we often aren't even aware of what we are doing.  

2) Worn and weary by other things in our life so no energy to change the direction.  

When I think of my darkest times, the parts that stand out are how worn and weary I feel by life.  That suffocating-ness of it.  Utter lack of joy or anything close to it.  It is oppressive.  

There are other times when it isn't such a thick blanket, it's more like that dollar store throw.  You can see some light through it.  And you just need the reminder that this is your life and you set the tone of it.  Being worn and weary by life, when it's the cheap throw, is a choice.  It only needs a change in mindset to see things differently.  

In this post here, we talked about finding gratitude in the hard things.  For this particular issue where we once gave deep gratitude for the thing, our challenge is to feel it when we aren't thinking it.  

There is an anonymous quote I love, You don't have to believe everything you think.  

You also don't have to believe everything you feel.  You can be having a shitty day and then learn you have won the lottery and I'm guessing you won't consider the day a shit day.  Know what I mean?  

The reason why this is part of the StoryTeller series is because I want you to retell the love story between you and this thing.  Feel into this story.  Use it to change the way you interact with this thing.

Your husband is leaving his clothes on the floor again.  You feel unloved and unseen by him.  You stop.  And you remind yourself of your love story.  Feel the joy of the first date.  Feel the intensity of the first kiss.  Remember the love burbling in your heart when you walked down the aisle.  And think of the first time you picked up after him and how it gave you an opportunity to pour love into him.  To care for him.  To cherish him.

Think of seeing your puppy for the first time.  Holding the puppy in your lap on the ride home.  The snuggles.  Use your love story to change the narrative right now.

You got this!

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