Finding Gratitude in the Hard Things

For the last 2 years I have spent most of the time following a keto diet.  Sometimes it is really hard.  I want to eat all of the ice cream.  ALL.  OF.  THE.  ICE.  CREAM.  

Like a neurotic compulsion.

Like life is no longer good or has a single good thing in it if I can't eat the ice cream.

We all have areas like this.  "I work so hard I should have this one bad habit."  Why yes, I tried to tell myself that smoking was good for me since it was my only bad habit.  And no, it wasn't my only bad habit.  I frequently am consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine and sugar.  Just for starters.

What I have found helpful is finding gratitude for the hard things.  Sometimes it is a serious struggle, but the more I work on it the easier it is to find gratitude.  And the more I can feel that gratitude, the easier it is to continue doing the hard thing.

I LOVE what keto does for my brain.  I love the clarity of thought, the lifting of brain fog.  I love that I no longer feel so slowed down by tired brain.  Not only that, but if I am eating "clean" keto ie no dairy I feel lighter in my body, no bloating, no farting.  Ok, so no more constant farting.  

I used this practice of finding gratitude for yoga.  I don't like yoga.  I don't like going to yoga class.  I hate spending time driving to and from yoga.  I hate that it makes me feel less than because I have never had flexibility in my body even when I was a child.  I hate the way my body screams as I hold poses for long periods of time....  No, I am not currently going to yoga, but when I was I got sick of my shit attitude every time I showed up to class.  Complete petulant child.  

So I found gratitude in the time I was spending on my body.  Gratitude for a moment of quiet.  Gratitude for the body I was helping to support me in the future (flexibility is key thing for the elderly).  

And it helps.  I stopped cringing before leaving for yoga.  I stopped finding excuses for not going.  Why don't I still go?  Covid.  Our yoga studio shut down and we started doing YouTube yoga.  I switched over to barre and I'm currently enjoying that more with similar benefits.

Instead of embrace the suck, is there something in the suck you can be thankful for?

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