GoRUCK Tribe


GoRuck Tribe

I thought I would mention this challenge again.  It is a 4 year long challenge.  You can join any time.  

Here are my favorite points on it:

* A different challenging workout each month.  Some of the months I feel like a champion because I do so well with and other months there is obvious room for improvement.  Either way, I finish them with the strength that I have, giving my best, and I get to remind myself that I am seeking progress over perfect.  

* A different book each month.  I had previously read several of the books, but there are so many books on the list that I haven't read so that's exciting.  

* The rucking challenge in the month really mixes things up.  I prefer the more challenging months.

* The additional challenges haven't really done anything for me, but I know they have been impactful for Phil.

* I enjoy learning more about our military history.  GoRuck Tribe allows me to connect with fallen soldiers, military actions, and battles on a deeper level as I read, workout, ruck, and do additional tasks more informed and with time set aside for them.  It's time to focus on the sacrifice of others.  And in this world of "I deserve" I need more focus on sacrifice.

Dave Ramsey recently said something that has really stuck with me.  I apologize as I can't find the post now, but it was something along the lines of: "I deserve it.  Check your privilege."  Since then I have seen soooooo many advertisements that say, "go ahead, treat yourself, you deserve it."  And it ranges from food to clothes to luxuries.  Have you earned?  That's the only way you deserve it....

Don't sign up for things you know you can achieve.  That doesn't push you.  You need stretch goals and challenges that test your limits.  Read more about that here.   

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