Manufactured Motivation


Haven't I written about this before?  Why, yes I have here and here.  

For those that don't remember, don't want to read the previous articles, or whatever, manufactured motivation is engineered motivation.  

Motivation is skill that can be developed.  One that can assist with motivation is by using deliberate markers in our life.

I've mentioned that 2021 is the year of challenges for me.  This is my deliberate and intentional usage of markers in my life to generate the energy and vitality in my actions to create change.

I am using the weeks of the year as one of my makers.  The year started on a Friday and so am I, but Sunday or Monday are more traditional beginnings of a week.  There are only 52 weeks in a year.  When this post goes live, we will be starting on the 8th week of the year.  8/52 = 2/13.  Well that's not pretty math, nor does it sound like we need to panic, but we are 2 13ths of the way through the year.  hahaha.  ignore the math section.

Point is look for markers.  Or... create them.  Is your house a shit hole and it is killing parts of your soul?  Schedule a house party.  Well, we are a bit limited currently, but keep this in mind because having a party at your house is a great way to get you off your ass and to clean, reorganize, reduce.

Another way to create a marker is to sign up for something.  Virtual reunion.  5K.  Motivational seminar.  Business seminar.  

These help because you have a set date to get your shit together.  Whether that's taking care of yourself, increasing your endurance, goal planning, doing your taxes...

And if that doesn't work for you, try again.  You don't fail until you quit.  You. don't. fail. until. you. quit. trying. 👏👏

Transforming my life in 2021 to optimize joy!

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