Time to Take Inventory


If you aren't aware, Spring Cleaning is one of my favorite things.  I wrote about it here.  Everything that applies to Spring Cleaning applies to the Fall.  

Working with that though, we are drawing to an end for the year.  If you stop now and take inventory, are there ways that you can achieve your goals for this year?  Are there ways that you can end the year strong?

Where are you at?  Where would you like to be?  Instead of sliding into the new year carrying extra weight from the holidays, feeling discouraged because you broke your word to yourself, in greater debt why not take proactive steps right now to set yourself up for success?

Last year I ended the year strong.  I felt so proud of myself.  So many people were complaining about the weight they had added over the holidays.  I was the lightest I had been for years.  Others were talking about their New Year's resolutions with mocking dejection.  I knew I would hit anything I aimed for. 

Nothing special about me.  Everything to do with taking inventory and telling myself a new story.  I am healthy.  I am whole.  I am a runner.  I take care of myself.  I love myself.  

How can you love yourself, support your future best self, and walk out of this year with your head held high?  

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