Spring Cleaning

So often when we hear the term “spring cleaning” we think of cleaning our homes.  While cleaning our homes is important, it is not the only thing to consider.  Ostara is approaching and the energy of life around us supports our efforts and nature encourages us to refresh and renew our lives.  Let us begin our year with the freshest start possible.

Spring cleaning the home: Most of us can benefit from organizational skills, reduction of clutter, and breaking up stuck energies in our environments whether that's home, work, and recreational areas.  There are a great many books, websites, and videos that can assist you.  You might learn some new skills or at the very least they can be motivational.  While you are cleaning, make it a spiritual event.  I use magickal house cleaners that I purchase or make that assist with cleansing energies, protection, and blessing.  You might consider burning incense or dedicating areas of your home to magickal purposes or to specific gods.  Also, think about checking out information on feng shui to get the energy moving. 

Spring cleaning your body: If you are the average American your body is riddled with toxins from the air we breathe, the chemicals we put in our bodies, and on our bodies.  You might consider a detox.  Detoxes can be minor events, such as drinking detox teas, to major events, such as the master detox.  Maybe make a resolution to use 100% natural and/or organic beauty products.  You might consider dedicating yourself to a god and/or goddess of healing for a month as you detox and learn how to create an environment that supports a healthy body.  There is a TON of information available on many different approaches to natural health.  Try out a few to discover what works best for your lifestyle. 

Spring cleaning your emotional, mental, and spiritual body:  I call this karmic cleansing, although I do use the term karma a bit differently than eastern philosophies.  I believe this is the most important aspect of spring cleaning.  We are often overburdened with guilt, frustrations, and stuck energies in our spiritual lives.  Spend some time and list out all the areas you find yourself feeling guilt, anger, or frustration over.  I use this time to write out letters, make phone calls, and send out cards to those people in my life that I feel guilt over not being in contact with more often.  I will contact some over hurt feelings if I feel that it will be beneficial.  If it isn’t, then I add the instances to my burning ritual.  For those instances when discussing events or feelings would cause more harm and for those things that I need to release for my own spiritual growth, I write them down on individual papers.  I gather a prepared candle that supports my working, my papers, and a fire safe container (a cauldron).  As I set each paper to flame I visualize the item dissolving from my life and I feel a burden being lifted from my shoulders. 

Support your working with divination.  The gods will show you any areas that you might have missed either unconsciously or consciously.  You don’t really hide anything under the heavens.  Even when you might want to.  Ostara is truly my favorite Sabbat.  I spend a lot of time in thought, prayer, preparation (learning new techniques), and I have to say that the effect is powerful in my life.  Consider trying out a new aspect of spring cleaning, or if you are ambitious, all aspects of spring cleaning!  May your life be blessed with the fertile energies of revival! 

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