Less without Loss

When we first begin to minimize the various things and aspects in our lives we will face some internal backlash.  If you have been surviving right now with what you are doing and with what you have, living with less can feel like a loss.  Loss can put your life at risk.  No, living with less clothes won't put your life at risk, but your brain knows that living with less can and does alter the status quo and the status quo so far has kept us alive.

Make sense?

This lizard brain of your is a powerful tool on keeping you alive.  You want to engage that portion while also interacting with your logical brain so that you can thrive.

Less stuff mean less cleaning.  Less stuff means less maintenance.  Less stuff means less debt.  Less distractions means...

One way to assist the lizard brain is to adjust the goal you are setting.  Instead of using the word less, that's use the word more in the examples above.

More space in the house.  More room between items.  More savings.  More time for things that soothe the soul.  

I love having a smaller closet and use a capsule wardrobe.  Let me know if you are interested in this topic as I can go on and on about it.  I love that I can make a quicker decision on what I am wearing for the day which reduces decision fatigue.  This allows me to bank away some brain power for when decisions really matter.  

bank away some brain power for when decisions really matter

If I allow space in my day, my brain has time to create magick.  

I have more peace with more physical space in my environment.  I have more peace with more free time.  I enjoy my wardrobe more.  I find more time to express love.  

If you want to live with less and are finding it a struggle, change your narration!  

Find the beauty in everyday life!

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