Prayers for November 2023


We will be doing a 54 day rosary novena leading into Christmas.  I would also take part in a St. Gertrude novena.  How about you?

November is the month of the Holy Souls in Purgatory! 

November 1st: St. Andrew Avellino for protection from sudden death and healing of stroke victims. Feast day is November 10th.

November 2nd: St. Martin of Tours for those recovering from alcoholism. Feast day is November 11th.

November 2nd: 54 Day Rosary Novena ends on December 25th.

November 4th: St. Frances Xavier Cabrini for immigrants. Feast day is November 13th.

November 6th: St. Albert the Great for students and taking tests, for medical technicians, and for scientists. Feast day is November 15th.

November 7th: St. Gertrude the Great for the holy souls in purgatory. Feast day is November 16th.

November 13th: St. Cecilia for musicians. Feast day is November 22nd.

November 17th: Christ the King to honor Jesus as King of the Universe. Feast day is November 26th.

November 18th: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal for the Blessed Mother's intercession.  Feast day is November 27th.

November 21st: St. Andrew for singers, and for fishermen. Feast day is November 30th.

November 24: Novena for Grace for any grace. Feast day is December 3rd.

November 25th: St. Barbara for miners and for artillerymen. Feast day is December 4th.

November 27th: St. Nicholas for people suffering from poverty, for your children, and finding a holy spouse.  Feast day is December 6th,

November 28th: St. Ambrose for students and education, and for those seeking wisdom and knowledge. Feast day is December 7th.

November 29th: Immaculate Conception for the Blessed Mother's intercession. Feast day is December 8th.

November 29th: Mary Undoer of Knots for freedom from various "knots" in life. Feast day is December 8th.

November 30th: St. Andrew Christmas Novena for any intention and to prepare for the birth of Christ. Celebrated December 25th.

May the true Lamb be praised! 

Please note that a good portion of this information comes from Novena Cards 

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