Wound of Love


"Above all, mental prayer ultimately consists of keeping this wound of love open, preventing it from healing over. Here is yet another guide to what we should do in prayer. When the smarting of the wound becomes less keen through routine, laziness, and loss of our first love, then we need to take action, wake up, stir up the heart and stimulate it to love by making use of good thoughts and resolutions." page 75

This is from Imitation of Christ that I think fittingly goes with this, "...we all too often find we were better and purer in the beginning of our conversion than we are now, many years after our profession.  Our fervor and progress ought to increase daily, especially when we consider it a great thing if a man retains some of this first fervor."

As I commit this year to prayer, I need to be conscious of my actions.  Am I just going through the motions of reading and prayer or am I keeping the wound of love for my Savior open.

Am I on the path of holiness?  

If I continued in my actions today, where am I going to be in 5 years.  Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to work in my life or am I stifling it?

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