St. Therese's Mission of Love

"She had wanted to have all vocations, because she wanted to love Jesus to the point of madness and serve the Church in all possible ways. The breadth of her desires tormented her. She found peace of soul only when she realized, with the help of Scripture, that the greatest service she could render the Church, one that contained all others in itself, was to keep ablaze in herself the fire of love. 'Without that love, the missionaries will stop announcing the Gospel, the martyrs will cease to give their lives… At last I have discovered my vocation: in the heart of the Church, Mother, I will be love!' And that love is practiced above all through mental prayer..." pages 78-79

I so identify with St. Therese!  I want to do it all and I want to spend every waking minute being all and doing all for Christ.  But that is a fools agenda that tries to go beyond what our dear Lord is asking of us.  We are simply called to love.  

I hope you sit with this for a moment and revel in the beauty of God's plan.  

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