"Thus, the matter in which the Carmelites follow the gospel takes on a deeply Marian character. Mary: magnifies the Lord and exults in the wonders of his merciful love (cf. Lk 1:46); listens to and ponders in her heart all the things concerning Jesus (cf. Lk :19, 51); identifies herself with her people, especially those in need, the spirtually and materially poor, the marginalized (cf. Lk 1:52-53ff, Jn 2:3); and is constant in prayer, open to the fire of the Spirit (cf. Ac 1:14; 2:1-4) who is the strength of all apostolic gifts."

pages 10-11 Catechesis and Ritual The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Building on the last post about silence, you might want to note how little Mary, Mother of Christ, speaks in the Bible.  We are told though that she ponders these things within her heart.  

How are you leaving space to ponder things within your own heart?  Is a lack of silence prohibiting this?  

Things to ponder...

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