Fear Silence?

"Isn’t it a shame that we live in a society that so fears silence. We turn the radios on in our rooms, the TVs on in our dens, the stereos on in our cars, and when we are not near any of these places, we plug iPods into our ears—anything to avoid silence. Yet silence itself is the language of God! I’ll let you in on something I just recently learned: set aside a few minutes each day to just be silent, and you will find that you instantly become a more peaceful person. Imagine Jesus saying to you (as He said to His disciples), 'Come with me by yourself to a quiet place' (cf. Mk 6:31)."

I cannot say that I fear silence, but I am awful at "optimizing time" and am almost always plugged into something like audiobooks, podcasts, etc...  

I have been working to institute a sabbath.  Part of this is meant to be a sabbath from my headphones as well.  Somehow I continuously forget that part.

How are you honoring silence in your day?

Wetta, Augustine. Humility Rules: Saint Benedict's Twelve-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem (p. 110). Ignatius Press. Kindle Edition. 

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