Holiness By Holding Open a Door?


Good morning all!  Have I piqued your interest?  This is me thinking out loud and might be heresy, but half of what comes into my brain is probably heresy.  

I don't mean to joke about heresy and I would never strive for that... but on to my point.

You can hold open a thousand doors for others and never reach holiness.  And you can hold open one door and reach holiness.  

Think about it.  I know you probably hear that loving God and loving people is simple, just hold open a door for someone, simple things are all that it takes to reach holiness.  

I completely disagree.  And I disagree because it has nothing to do with the action and everything to do with the heart and unity with God.  I also disagree because some people will hear the "holding a door open" comment and think that's all it takes.  Some people are 100% literal.  And some people, including myself, will take a simple statement and use it as an excuse to be lazy in their spiritual life.  

God is calling us to be in union with him.  To dwell with him in the present.  When we join with God and hold open that door for someone we are standing on holy ground.  

If we aren't in union with God, we can stand holding the door for thousands and miss the mark.  

How are you cultivating your dwelling place with God?

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts! ~Psalm 84:1

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