3 Practices to Grow Closer to God


Last time we spoke of stillness. I am still working on digital detox and I will try to remember to follow up on that as I may need to experiment.  I'm struggling to give up phone time in my relax time.  

Here are some ways that I might encourage you to embrace to grow closer to Our Lord and Savior:

1. Prayer and Contemplation:

"Prayer is the inner bath of love into which the soul plunges itself." - St. John of the Cross

In the Carmelite tradition, we emphasize the importance of prayer and contemplation as a means to encounter God intimately. Through silent meditation and attentive listening, we seek to deepen our relationship with God. As St. John of the Cross beautifully expresses, prayer becomes a profound experience of love, purifying and transforming the soul.

2. Scripture and Lectio Divina:

"Take up and read, take up and read." - St. Augustine

Carmelites hold a deep reverence for Scripture. Through the practice of Lectio Divina, we engage in a prayerful reading and reflection on the Word of God. St. Augustine's famous quote encourages us to "take up and read" the Scriptures, allowing the divine message to guide and nourish our spiritual journey.

3. Service and Self-emptying Love:

"We must be very careful to keep before our minds the full, true picture of our goal: selfless, complete, loving service to our neighbor." - St. Teresa of Avila

Carmelite spirituality emphasizes the importance of self-emptying love and service to others. By imitating Christ's example of humility and compassion, we grow closer to God. St. Teresa of Avila reminds us to keep our focus on selfless service, mirroring God's love in our interactions with our neighbors.

In following these practices, prayer and contemplation, engaging with Scripture, and serving others with selfless love, we can foster a deeper connection with God according to the Carmelite tradition. These quotes from St. John of the Cross, St. Augustine, and St. Teresa of Avila inspire us to embark on this transformative journey towards divine union.

Watch this for some inspiration!

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