Prayers for March 2023


Let us be rejoice in our Lord who lifts us up and sustains us on this journey!  Here are some prayers to consider for the month of March.  I love you and I'm praying for you!

March is the month of Saint Joseph.

March 4th start a novena for Grace.  Feast Day is March 12th.

March 8th start a novena for St. Patrick.  It would be appropriate for Ireland and any other reason.  Feast Day is March 17th.

March 10th start a novena for St. Joseph.  It would be appropriate for fathers, spiritual fathers, finding a job, buying/selling a home, for adoption, for expectant mothers, and for a happy death.  Feast Day is March 19th.

March 16th start a novena for the Annunciation.  It would be appropriate for the Blessed Mother's intercession.  Feast Day is March 25th.

March 31st start an Easter Novena to prepare for Christ's resurrection. Easter is April 9th.  

I will be saying the novena found here for St. Joseph for my dad, my husband, and my son.  

May the true Lamb be praised!

Please note that a good portion of this information comes from Novena Cards

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