Prayer : Relishment


Do you relish your time with God?  

What a great question, right?  How can you develop or nurture a delight in prayer time?  In communing with God?  

I think it has to do with seeing God in everything.  For instance, I was sitting on my back porch.  It was one of those perfect moments where the temperature was just right, a slight breeze was gently playing along my skin, the leaves were dancing lightly in the filtered sunlight.  I was at peace.  Taking delight in the movement of the leaves, I realized the intricate detail in the veining.  And I thought, what a God we have that takes delight in the little details.  Joyfully, I realized that if God took his time crafting a leaf, how much time and care did he take in crafting me.

A leaf leads to relishing my time with God.  

Stuck in traffic?  Take delight in the gift that God gave man towards creativity, ingenuity, and curiosity that lead to pavement, cars, music, etc...  What does our engineering say about the magnitude and magnificence of God?


I am currently reading One Day at a Time by Kyle Idleman.  Today's question and challenge is:

Question: How serious are you about prayer? Does your prayer life reveal a desperation for God's wisdom and power? Are you trying to do great things for God without God's help?

Challenge: Take some time today to pray about your prayer life. Ask God to show you what needs to change.


Come Holy Spirit, Come

and show me what need to change in my prayer life.

Set it on fire with your spirit

that I may a soul on fire for Our Lord and Savior.


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