Stans Out, La Mer, Trish McEvoy, and MAC Stack Reviews


I have a MASSIVE bag of items that I have been saving to review for over a year.  Most of these items I received as free samples, however some of the items I have purchased.

Stans Out Sponge - ok, so confession.  I use my hands to apply foundation almost all the time.  Sometimes I will use a sponge to remove streaks etc...  I definitely do not see anything about this sponge that makes it worth the price.  

I prefer this and this.

La Mer - This is a lovely moisturizer.  But no way worth the price for me.  I prefer Charlotte Tilbury's magic cream or how about this for a fraction of the price.  

Trish McEvoy Instant Solutions Triangle of Light Eye Mask - These were ok in moisturizing, but a horrible shape.  I felt like Pennywise wearing this.  Not worth it at all in my opinion.  

Mac Stack Mascara - I really liked this mascara... except for it smudges and transfers.  I struggle in this humidity.  Almost all mascaras transfer.  I buy tubing mascara to get around this.  

I use Hourglass Unlocked, Thrive mascara, and the new Tarte tubing mascara.  

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