Shirt of Flame - Book Review


"Therese didn't so much want all for herself as to give all of hreself to God: 'I don't want to be a halfway waint. It doesn't scare me to suffer for You; I'm afraid of only one thing, and that is to hold onto my will. Take it, because "I choose all," all that You want!'" page 5.

I choose all.  All of God's will!

"...suffering such torments when she passed by Mother's room that she had to clutch the banister in order to restrain herself from looking in for a kind word or an affectionate glance." page 27

Who am I when I seek external validation?

"We can't afford the reduction of desire. To refuse to ask is to think that we know the plan. To reduce our desire is to reduce God." page 45

Lord, ignite my soul!

"We look at the way we use other people as objects." page 51

Do I disregard people and see them as objects?

"Maybe the question is 'When will I sit still long enough to see that Your Face is everywhere?'" page 55

"...she didn't look for extra suffering; she took advantage of what came, given her living situation and station in life." page 70

How can I become less comfortable and serve Christ more?

"To make this examination more difficult, we have to say that the divinity we see in others is truly there, but we don't have the right to see it until we have taken away our own projections....Making this fine distinction is the most delicate and difficult task in life." page 75

"I can rest here." page 79

I can rest here in the lamb's embrace.

"The best I can say is that I more or less disappeared. I disappeared, and when I re-emerged I felt closer to reality, more whole, more sure that everything would all right in the end..." page 83

This I think describes quality prayer time. This leads into another sentiment she writes about, "...temptation to be relevant..." page 86.  We want it to be about us, but we find union with God we know it is truly blessed to not be seen, but that God is seen through us!

" much more does your Merciful Love desire to set souls on fire..." page 116.

Lord, have mercy me a sinner and set my soul on fire for you!

"'Oh, when I think how much I have to acquire,' Celine once said to Therese; 'Rather, how much you have to lost,' Therese replied." page 121

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