Beauty - Hair Products - 2 Winners 1 Loser


Blueberry Bliss reparative leave in conditioner is a winner for my hair.  It is heavy enough to actually tame my frizz.  I use A LOT and if I need to be doubly sure I will use a gel over the top of this using the praying hands method of applying the gel.

I am super lazy about "self-care" or multiple steps process and I realized that is OK.  I need to embrace that and look at products that combine steps and make the step luxurious in some way (texture, smell, etc...) for me to continue with it.  

I say all that because this took me almost 2 years to finish up the Nexxus Scalp Scrub because I am lazy.  BUT, this product is worth the extra work because it is so effective for my super dry scalp.  This is the ONLY product so far to work for me.  

Champagne Infused Blowout Bombe cuvee beauty... um no.  I think it smells a bit sour.  They say a dime size.  If I use a palm full it will reduce frizz for about an hour in this Alabama humidity.  

I say all that, but it might work for someone not in a humid place without a lion's mane of hair.  I'm a queen baby.  

I hope you enjoy these reviews.  Let me know your favorites!

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