2022 In Review - May


Where I am at with my goals:

  • pay off school loans
    • no progress yet 
  • complete master herbal program
    • finished unit 56-57
  • finish book
    • no progress yet
  • start podcast/video
    • no progress yet
  • Sabbats
    • I have worked on Sundays but overall huge improvement
  • Southeastern Trail race seriesGoRuck Heavy, Tough, and BasicGoggins 4x4x48GoRuck Tribe
    • GoRuck Tribe in progress, STRS starts in April 
    • we have to cancel 4x4x48 this year due to a surprise calendar conflict
    • I performed poorly on the 12 hour race.  It was really disappointing.

  • Adventures
    • For January, we went to Our Lady of Angels Monastery for the Santo Niño de Cebu – Filipino Sinulog Festival.  That was a lot of fun!
    • For February, we went to EWTN.  Sounds cooler than what it is.
    • For March, we went to Treasures Of the Church.  Man oh man!  
    • For April, we went to the Chrism mass and had a bajillion migraines.
  • Praise 
    • I am looking for opportunities that make sense.  Any ideas?
    • Right now I am listening to a performance of the Book of John and it brings so much praise to my heart.  It takes about 2 hours to listen to the whole thing and it is life.
  • Running daily
    • Failure in March.  All the food.  All the sugar.  All the sloth.
    • I started back on track as far as movement and diet go.  Baby steps.
  • Stretching daily
    • see above
  • Rosary daily
    • win, every single day since Halloween
  • Handpan daily
    • win
  • Annulment
    • I am back to working on this.  Need to gather some information for a document.
    • Just one document left.
  • Diligence in work
    • win 
  • Attentiveness in prayer
    • win!

Where I am at with my spending:

  • I purchased one pair of pants in January
  • I purchased one shirt in March
  • If my book spending continues I will need to track that as well.
    • No more books for a while.  I purchased even more.  
  • I purchased four dresses, one black tee, and replaced one pair of pants that were falling apart in April.
  • I purchased one pair of pants to supplement as I was down to 2 pairs of wearable pants and 1 shirt to replace one that has just never fit well.  
  • Total: 3 pants, 3 shirts, 4 dresses.  Not happy with my shopping at all

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