Love Alone Is Credible

This was highly recommended to me.  And I am sure it is sublime, but I am not as well read or learned as I sometimes present myself.

I am not super familiar with the church fathers which I am working on to fix.  

This book relies heavily on the readers experience with the church fathers so I look forward to reading this again in a few years and grasping much more than I did this read.  

Here are a few of my highlights:

"God has been manifest from the beginning of the world and from Adam onward, and the pagan world failed to recognize that which is clearly there to be seen; it had 'no excuse' for rejecting obedience to the 'eternal power and divinity that has been made known' and was thus punished with humiliating idolatry.'" pages 16-17

"The moment I claim to have understood the love that another person has for me, i.e., either explaining it on the basis of the laws of human nature or considering myself entitled to it because of my inherent qualities, I have once and for all undermined and falsified that love and thereby cut off the possibility of reciprocation. genuine love is always inconceivable, and only  thus is it a gift." page 52

"...implacability of the Cross of Jesus Christ, and with the severity and burning flame of the living Christ himself, who seeks to set the whole of world history aflame with the fire of this love..." page 120

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