33 Days to Merciful Love

I have a deep respect for Fr. Gaitley.  I believe he is attempting to make deep spiritual truths available to everyone in what I loving call baby steps.  

Baby steps are the key to what I believe true change comes in our normal lives.  Not talking about extraordinary, supernatural events and changes.  

I am currently reading through 33 Days to Greater Glory so I will be able to tell you which one is my favorite of the 3 when I am done.  I will tell you that I found this one to speak to my heart more fully than the 33 Days to Morning Glory.  I would love more books in this series and more books like this!  

Here are a few things I highlighted from this:

In regards to Abraham, "In fact, he teaches us the essence of faith, which is to believe God's Word, to believe that God is faithful to his promises, to believe that God is faithful even if it seems impossible." page 31

In regards to Mother Mary, "...she believed God's Word, even when it seemed impossible.  She hoped against hope, believing that, as the angel said, 'with God nothing will be impossible.'" page 33

 "...St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta...'God does not call us to be successful but to be faithful.'" page 56

"...it's trust that opens the floodgates of God's mercy..." page 59

"...now reflect on the idea that Mary probably has more motherly love in her Immaculate Heart than all other mothers combined." page 75

Whoa!  Seriously reread those.  God is faithful.  Full stop.  Believe that with God nothing is impossible.  God doesn't call us to be successful, but to be faithful!!!  And trust is what rains God's mercy down upon your head.  

Glory to God in the highest for he has sent to Son... Behold the Lamb of God!

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