A Review: Eat That Frog Part 5


Chapter 15 : Technology is a Terrible Master : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Resolve today to create zones of silence during your day-to-day activities.  turn off your computer and your smartphone for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.  You will be amazed at what happens: nothing.

2.  Resolve to unplug from technology for one full day each week.  By the end of your digital detox, your mind will be calm and clear.  When your mental batteries have time to recharge, you will be much more effective at eating frogs." pg 80

Chapter 16 : Technology is a Wonderful Servant : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Resolve today to turn off all notifications, except for your emergency channels.  Create special areas in your digital life for your most important tasks.  

2.  Resolve to research and install one piece of software or one app that will help you be more efficient and focused." pg 85

Chapter 17 : Focus Your Attention : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Keep your goals of success and high productivity in mind.  Before you do anything, ask yourself, 'Is this helping me achieve one of my most important goals, or is this just a distraction?'

2.  Refuse to become a slave to the bells and whistles that distract you from completing those tasks that you can make a real difference in your life.  Leave your devices off." pg  89

Chapter 18 : Slice and Dice the Task : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Put the 'salami slice' or 'Swiss cheese' technique into action immediately  to get started on a large, complex, multitask job that you've been putting off.

2.  Become action oriented.  A common quality of high performers is that when they hear a good idea, they take action on it immediately.  Don't delay.  Try it today!" pg 93

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