A Review: Eat That Frog Part 3


Chapter 8 : Apply the Law of Three

"1.  What are your three most important business or career goals right now?

2.  What are your three most important family or relationship goals right now?

3.  What are your three most important financial goals right now?

4.  What are your three most important health goals right now?

5.  What are your three most important personal and professional development goals right now?

6.  What are your three most important social and community goals right now?

7.  What are your three biggest problems or concerns in life right now?" pg. 48

Chapter 8 : Apply the Law of Three : Eat That Frog!

"1. Determine the three most important tasks that you do in your work.  Ask yourself, 'If I could do only one thing all day long, which one task would contribute the greatest value to my career?'  Do this exercise two more times.  Once you have identified your 'big three,' concentrate on them single-mindedly all day long.

2.  Identify your three most important goals in each area of your life.  Organize them by priority.  Make plans for their accomplishment, and work on your plans every single day.  You will be amazed at what you achieve in the months and years ahead. pg 51

Chapter 9 : Prepare Thoroughly Before You Begin : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Take a good look at your desk or office, both at home and at work.  Ask yourself, 'What kind of person works in an environment like this?'  The cleaner and neater your work environment, the more positive, productive, and confident you will feel.

2.  Resolve today to clean up your desk and office completely so that you feel effective, efficient, and ready to get going each time you sit down to work." pg 55

Chapter 10 : Take It One Oil Barrel at a Time : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Select any goal, task, or project in your life on which you have been procrastinating and make a list of all the steps you will need to take to eventually complete the task. 

2.  Then take just one step immediately.  Sometimes all you need to do to get started is to sit down and complete one item on the list.  And then do one more, and so on.  You will be amazed at what you eventually accomplish." pg 58

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