A Review: Eat That Frog Part 2


Chapter 4 : Consider the Consequences 

"'There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.'" pg 25

"'What can I and only I do, that if done well, will make a real difference?'" pg. 28 

Chapter 4 : Consider the Consequences : Eat That Frog!

"1. Review your list of tasks, activities, and projects regularly.  Continually ask yourself, 'Which one project or activity, if I did it in an excellent and timely fashion, would have the greatest positive consequences in my work or personal life?'

2.  Determine the most important thing you could be doing every hour of every day, and then discipline yourself to work continually on the most valuable use of your time.  What is this for you right now?

Whatever it is that you can help you the most, set it as a goal, make a plan to achieve it, and go to work on your plan immediately.  Remember the wonderful works of Goethe: 'Only engage, and the mind grows heated.  Begin it, and the work will be completed.'"  pg 29

Chapter 5 : Practice Creative Procrastination

"Rule: You can get your time and your life under control only to the degree to which you discontinue lower-value activities." pg 31

Chapter 5 : Practice Creative Procrastination : Eat That Frog!

"1. Practice 'zero-based thinking' in every part of your life.  Ask yourself continually, 'If I were not doing this already, knowing what I now know, would I start doing it again today?'  If it is something you would not start again today, knowing what you now know, it is a prime candidate for abandonment or creative procrastination.

2. Examine each of your personal and work activities and evaluate it based on your current situation.  Select at least one activity to abandon immediately or at least deliberately put off until your more important goals have been achieved." pg 33

Chapter 6 : Use the ABCDE Method Continually : Eat That Frog!

"1.  Review your work list right now and put an A, B, C, D, or E next to each task or activity.  Select your A-1 job or project and begin on it immediately.  Discipline yourself to do nothing else until this one job is complete.  

2.  Practice this ABCDE Method every day for the next month on every work or project list before you begin work.  After a month, you will have developed the habit of setting and working on your highest-priority tasks, and your future will be assured!" pg 37

Chapter 7 :  Focus on Key Result Areas : Eat That Frog!

"1. Identify the key result areas of your work.  What are they?  Write down the key results you have to get to do your job in an excellent fashion.  give yourself a grade from one to ten on each one.  And then determine the one key skill that, if you did it in an excellent manner, would help you the most in your work.  

2.  Take this list to your boss and discuss it with him or her.  Invite honest feedback and appraisal.  You can only get better when you are open to the constructive input of other people.  Discuss your conclusions with your staff and coworkers.  Talk them over with your spouse.  

Make a habit of doing this analysis regularly for the rest of your career.  Never stop improving.  This decision alone can change your life." pg 43

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