When We Lose Energetic Signatures

Last time we discussed how energetic signatures can hold us back from change.  This time I would like to talk about losing an energetic signature.  

Let's use the example that stands out most in my mind.  Soldiers leaving the military.  

Their hairstyles, their uniforms, their work day, their work place, their fellow soldiers or work place, etc... the entire thing has been very purposely been built to create an energetic signature of the ideal soldier.  

And almost overnight it is gone.  

Another similar one, graduating high school.  

These are major transitions where we lose not only our identity, but also all the supportive pieces of that identity.  

If we could plan better for these transitions, we could begin to work to transform the energetic signature into something new to ease our systems into it.  Most of us don't and we feel like we've been set adrift.  

I would still like to discuss how we can use these signatures to help us and what to do when they are holding us back, but for now I just want to spark thought on it.  

What times in your life have you lost an energetic signature?  How did you come through it?  Would you change anything about that if you could?

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