The Power of Habits, Routines, and Daily Task Lists


I'm linking my planner that I have been using (and loving) this year if you need a tool that will help map out habits to build, set routines, and create daily task lists cuz this planner is the bomb.  How's that for a long sentence?  

If you didn't know... your habits and routines are NOT for when things are going right.  They are for when things are going wrong.  

You can just do the first thing on the list.  Then the next.  You don't have to think about it.  The world is on fire?  That's ok, what is next on my list.

It is a way to automate things and just quickly knock them out and even if the world's on fire you haven't been set back.  You have a win.  These wins add up even if it doesn't show today or this week.  They show over a course of time.  Which means you have to do them when things are good and when things are bad.  And when things are bad, don't think, just do.

Too often we let bad things be an excuse for bad behavior.  We drop those things that our best selves wants for us because we have the sniffles.  YOU know when you are making excuses.  I know when I am making excuses.  It used to be, well I need a day of rest... and the wheels fall off.  

Now, I will walk on the treadmill, in the dark, with a migraine to make sure the wheels don't fall off.  I matter to me.  

Dude.  That's it right there.  I matter to me.  

What if you mattered to you?  

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