Rites of Passage & Energetic Signatures


As a society, we are losing our rites of passages and with Covid-19 they are almost extinct.  Psychologically, they truly help to shift our energetic signatures towards our new reality.  They don't get us all the way there, but they help.  And we need all the help we can get.  

So what are rites of passages?  They are events in our life that mark a change.  Sometimes they are also called initiations.   

Some examples: graduation, boot camp, college orientation, retirement ceremonies, welcome lunch at a new job, baby shower, etc...  

My husband did not have a retirement ceremony when he retired from the Army.  And it still sits with him.  Grace didn't have Prom because of Covid and barely had a graduation.  Bella didn't really have a senior year of High School since she was online.  We've all missed a rites of passage or could have used one to help make the transition a bit smoother.  

So plan one.  

It could be a party.  It could be a small ceremony for yourself, by yourself.  It could be placing a pile of rocks in nature to mark the occasion.  It could be a retreat where you take time reflecting and considering the future.  It could be light some incense, giving thanks for this identity, and releasing it to be carried away with the smoke.  

You might buy yourself a gift that represents the new identity, for example: a new planner (think new job), a pair of running shoes (think retirement), a piece of jewelry (think bride), a new piece of travel equipment (think suitcase for graduating seniors), I'd love to hear your ideas of initiation/rites of passage gifts.  


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