StoryTeller: Making Your Fantasy Self Real

It has been a hot minute since we've had a StoryTeller installment and it is very needed.  

In this moment, I am on the struggle bus.  I don't want to work any more, at least not a 9 to 5.  I want to write full time.  I want to train and become the first professional athlete woman to break into a field and dominate.  I want to eat all the sugar.  A Meyer lemon cake.  A pint of Ben and Jerry's.  And all the onion rings.  I am exhausted and burnt around the edges... 

What story am I telling about myself in this moment?  

There is no way this story leads anywhere productive.  It's actually counterproductive and leads to stagnation and unhappiness.  

You can hear it in the story I am telling, right?  

So this is how I am choosing to work through this:
  1. Define who my intentional fantasy self is.
    1. What does she do for work?
    2. What does she eat?
    3. How does she feel within her body?
    4. What are her hobbies?
  2. Roadmap out how do I get from where I am at to my fantasy self.
    1. What are the quickest wins?
    2. What are the most important steps?
  3. Is there any way that I can embrace portions of my fantasy self now?
    1. Take a look at the superficial.
      1. Is there a way my fantasy self looks?
      2. Dresses?
        1. Sometimes a symbolic item makes a bold impact.  (eg a braid, mismatched earrings, red underwear...)
    2. Take a look beyond the surface.
      1. What is the motivating force of your fantasy self?
        1. Can you take movement on that item today? For example: my fantasy self is motivated to serve others.
          1. Can I serve in a local food bank?  
          2. Is there online tutoring help I can offer to computer science students?  
  4. Grab some paper and a pen and write out your new story.  
    1. How you will feel when you "arrive"?  
    2. What the day to day looks like?
    3. Write a love story from yourself to yourself.  
Here are just some quick notes before I dive deeper into this work later.  My fantasy self is a writer who is passionate about the written word, who thrives on storytelling, and also kicks a lot of ass (especially for a mom of 7 who spent 3 years on bed rest for her back).  I don't eat sugar because I know my diet has been manipulated since I was a vulnerable little one by money hungry corporations seeking to make a dime off my misery.  I enjoy food and support my brain and body with nutrition.  I have fun listening to silly romance and mystery books while working with fiber arts.  And I will stop everything to help someone in need.  

And I am amazing.  

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