StoryTeller - Fantasy Self to Reality Part 3

I really touched on the point I want to make with Part 2, but I didn't specifically point it out.  Sometimes we want to do a full reset on our understanding of ourselves.  To remodel ourselves.

Did you ever dream of moving to a new school in middle school or high school and becoming someone new?  Like changing everything from the way you dress to the way you act?  

Part of the reason why we dreamt of that, is there would be nobody in that situation, other than ourselves, that would point out that we weren't "really" that person.  Right now, your family, coworkers, neighbors all hold an image of you in their head.  That energetic signature can sometimes keep us in place, especially if our new image of ourselves is not strong enough.  ***Remind me to go into this more later***

Sometimes, to get the ball rolling, or the energy moving in a new direction we need to start small.  If you want to move a river 90 degrees from where it is now that's a HUGE effort.  But one little pebble put in the right spot can shift the whole river... a little at time.  

Let's continue with the sugar example.  It is actually one of the ways that I got this ball rolling for me in 2019.  I was doing a challenge to give up one type of food so in October I gave up soda (and then made a rule for it), November I gave up candy, and December I gave up all added sugar.  It was only a 90 day challenge so on New Year's Day I totally had the option to go back to all the bad foods.  Instead, I turned soda into a rule.  Not that I can't drink soda, I don't drink soda.  And that stuck.

Little wins teach us about ourselves.  Little wins allow us to view ourselves as successful.  We oftentimes reach for lofty goals.  Bigger than ourselves goals.  And that's awesome!  But we fail.  We fail to continue.  We just stop instead of trying new ways.  And we begin to see ourselves as failures.  Little wins help us to change that perspective.

Little wins compound in really awesome ways.  I have been able to lose over 50 lbs and keep it off with little wins.  I have a habit of writing daily with little wins.  This is my longest, most consistent blogging period ever due to little wins.  Don't underestimate the power of baby steps.  

Other quick thoughts:

Maybe it's a new hair style to visually give us a cue

Maybe it's a new evening habit

Maybe it's a new lunch habit

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