Energetic Signatures That Hold Us Back

Crocodile Loki seems like a good image for the topic of things holding us back in unexpected ways.

This is going to sound like new agey woo woo, but if you hold on, I hope I can explain this in such a logical manner that you are able to embrace this subject.  

In our lives we take on many different roles.  These roles come with prejudiced definitions that help or hurt when we put people into their corresponding buckets.

Have you ever been to a sports event, such as a run or a triathlon, and a morbidly obese person involved in the event comes to your attention?  If you watch long enough, you will typically find they do not fit your, or societies, prejudiced definition of an athlete.   

Family dynamics are another great place to witness this.  The bossy oldest sibling who has everything together.  The second oldest constantly trying to prove themselves.  The youngest is a clown doing all the crazy things.  

Stay at home dads.  Don't need to add anything there.  

These are bigger examples of this concept, however these energetic signatures affect us in almost every aspect of our lives from family life, home life, work life, friends, your environment... 

And when you try to change, these energetic signatures can help us or hold us in place.  

If you are struggling to make a change, take time to evaluate how energetic signatures might be affecting you.  Time for more examples:

Do you have a friend who doesn't drink?  After a while, people leave them alone about not drinking.  It's assumed that they don't want a drink.  This goes back to my rules that I've spoken about.  You can't have a drink versus You don't drink.  When you don't drink, it isn't an option that you can be cajoled into.  

Do you have a friend always eager to party?  Do you have a friend that is responsible to get to bed on time?  Which one are you going to ask to hang out after 10 p.m. at a bar?  

These assumptions about people around us, or even ourselves, causes us to change the way we interact with them.  In big ways and small ways.  The friend that is always cheating on their diet.  Another friend who always has a new scheme that's going to make them rich.  We have a definition of these people in our minds eye.  These definitions create energetic signatures for them.  These energetic signatures make changing from these signatures a little more difficult.

Now you add in all your roles in life.  Each role has several definitions, several energetic signatures.  Now we are talking about a whole slew of energetic signatures when we add them all together.  Each one attempting to hold us in place.  

Just think on that.  And how do we make creating new definitions easier?

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