A Review of My 2021 Goals

I thought I would review my 2021 goals as it has been a hot minutes since I've even take a look at the list:

Marathon: We tried doing a marathon and it got canceled due to covid.  We are scheduled to run an unorthodox ultramarathon in October that will technically cover this.  

Tough Mudder: woot woot!  Nailed it.

Everesting:  Turns out that this event is very expensive.  Will see about it for another year.  

Physical Challenges:  I really had this going on earlier in the year and still technically do.  It is just that now my challenges are long term versus a new challenge each month.  

Promotion: I'm in a holding pattern with this.  Continued Covid situations, yeah...

Finish book > get to Publisher's: 😖

Blog/Podcast/Videos:  Been rocking the blog.  Want to get podcast/videos going as well!

Call Friends & Family: I have reduced this.  I don't feel better for it.

Adventures: I have reduced this.  I don't feel better for it.

Family Dinners: I need to replace this with a similar event.  Maybe a go out to dinner with the whole family type thing.

Pay off school loans: so bad!

New beds for kids: deliberately holding off.

Cars for kids: Half the kids have cars, woot woot!

Master Herbalist Program: so bad!

Self-care: rocking it!

Challenges > social media fast, no buy: I started out strong, but have reduced it with the increase in work.

Tarot: I've totally dropped my tarot studies.

Spiritual reading: I kind of feel meh about this.  I definitely read spiritual books but with zero intention.  I would like to be a bit more mindful with this.

Sabbats: I have failed, failed at this.  

Prayers/Meditate/Journey:  I have failed, failed at this.

Rituals & Church: I have failed, failed at this

Reviewing all of this info I can definitely see where I am a bit lopsided.  Actually, I feel like work has taken over and I've slacked in all areas.  

And I remind myself that is ok.  

My first response is disappointment in myself.  I know better.  I keep failing at living a mindful life.

And then I realize that in this moment I am mindful and I have more and more mindful days strung together which is success.  I have more winning days than I did 5 years ago.  This is improvement.

And life changes.  I would have never guessed at the beginning of the year that I would be so close to an empty nester at this point.  I have one gone all the time for work and the other constantly busy with friends and find myself home alone a lot.  

I love my life and I love that I choose to improve.  

How is your year going?  What can you do to improve it?

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