9/11 Never Forget

Where were you on 9/11/2001?  

I was moving a little slow that morning.  Not fully awake yet, I get a call from a friend sobs out, "turn on the news!"  

I was a 26 year old homeschooling mom of 3 and pregnant with my 4th child at the time.  I say that as I am going to point out that I had no experience with terrorism, but the reality is that most Americans didn't either.

Columbia Tower in Seattle was put on lock down as there were threats against it.  The telephone lines were down due to volume of calls.  I couldn't get a hold of my husband and I wanted him home ASAP.  

Meanwhile, my future husband was in Germany.  Their base was locked down.  And he didn't know if his brother-in-law who worked at the Pentagon was alive or injured.  

I wanted to do something, go help in some way, to comfort those in New York.  To stand with someone.

And now, I am thankful that opportunity didn't manifest as we now know about the illnesses those on the ground suffered and are still suffering if they didn't die from a wasting disease.  

I don't think we actively fear a terrorist attack again like we did back then.  I remember every big gathering for a while came with concern.  New Year's Eve was definitely a fear filled one.  

For many of us, this day was supposed to change us.  It set our feet on new paths.  It lit a fire under us.  It caused us to gather our resilience, hopes, fears, and to channel that.  

And then life happens and we do forget.  

What have you forgotten?  Is that a good thing?  Is it something you need to remember?  

We put these markers in our life for a reason... remember... take stock... are you where you want to be and living that life that you swore you would 20 years ago?  There is a voice inside you that has not forgotten.

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