Life Gets In The Way - Rules Work

The song is just because.

As you can tell from my last blog post, I'm a bit mully grubby.  And... that's ok.  We probably all are as we head into a new form of Covid lockdown.  Even if you don't feel stressed, we have stressors on us of types that we could not have prepared for.  

But this is why we have routines and habits.  They aren't for when everything goes right.  They are for when the wheels falls off.  

You ever been on the top of your game and you get the sniffles and next thing you know everything has gone to shit.  

Routines and habits help, however I have found rules to be even more powerful.

Why rules work:

  1. Don't break the chain effect (Seinfield effect).  This is very powerful.  It's the idea behind X many days sober.  X many days without a work safety violation.  
  2. Mentally, rules aren't supposed to be crossed.  It's not like, hey I'm going off plan for a day or a week or whatever.  This is a No!
  3. Verbally this takes an action from "I can't do this" to "I don't do this."  It becomes part of your identity.  It isn't temporary.

How to set rules:

  1. Be slow in instituting rules.  You will want to be thoughtful.  It isn't something you are taking a break from, it is something that doesn't serve your goals.
  2. I kept getting in vicious cycles with Mountain Dew.  In no way does Mountain Dew serve my goals.  So I set a rule that I don't drink soda.  In the same way, I am currently in vicious cycles with coffee.  But coffee can have health benefits so I am noodling on this one.  
Do you have any rules?

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