What If - One Week Challenge


What if for one week you went balls to the wall...  (screech) balls to the wall.  Where did that come from?  

I guess you could say that the opposite to balls to the wall would be vagina to recliner.  

Any whooooo.

What if for one week you went balls to the wall on your main goal?  Just one week.  You can do anything for one week.  

Would you get further than expected?  Would things spin out of control in other areas?  What do you think will happen?

If you were to do something like that, I would suspect that rules would help.  Such as a social media fast for one week.  Maybe meal prep ahead of time.  What could you cut out, delegate, or suspend for a week so you had even more time for that one goal?

Interesting thought?

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  1. You just inspired me to hyper focus on my weightlifting…. Even though I’m soooo sore and tired, where will my body be in one week if I focused !?