The Comparison Game


Dudes, each and everyone of us sucks at this.  

We compare ourselves to others, to ourselves, to our younger selves, to a fantasy self, to fantasy others... to fictional characters...  

This causes a continuous state of discontent.  Or at least a continuous sporadic state of discontent.  lol.  You know what I mean.

I don't have that car.  I don't have that job.  I am too tall.  My boobs are floopy.  I am fat.  I am old.  I am lazy.  I am not where I should be.  I am not who I should be.  

Pause here before we go forward and take a few seconds with your eyes closed and reflect on all the amazing things you've done this last year.  The kisses shared.  Hugs.  Adventures.  Laughs.  When you have a couple come to mind, see your body in that experience.  Your body supported you through each one.  

Your body has carried you through a freaking global pandemic.  That alone brings all sorts of unplanned for, unthought of stressors on your mind, body, and spirit.  And you are still here.

Please keep this in mind:

We are a beautiful expression of God's light.  The Universe reflected back on us.  We are the Medusa, the Buddha, Kali, and Chenrezig.  

Chaos and compassion.

Depression and darkness.

Love and laughter.  

We are in all things and share a connection to all things.  It is like my ring finger feeling less than because it isn't my big toe.  

Think about that.  

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