Stop! Drop!

Stop! Drop! Shut em down, open up shop!

I found myself in the middle of my prayers yesterday with growing irritation in my body because I wanted to be done saying my prayers.

What the ACTUAL fuck!

With my mala in hand, mid prayer, I realized I was gathering, collecting, and holding onto irritation.  It was another checkbox I had to fucking clear before I could move forward with my day.

Dude!  Do you feel me?  Do you get the irony here?

My mantras are something that I choose to do to connect with my soul and to remind myself what I am choosing for my life and why I'm choosing it for me life.  It is a brief break from the hamster wheel that is life... 


I share this, because the ridiculous of this moment is something we all share.  

The precious puppy that you were so excited for has shit in the front room again!

That beautiful man who brought light into your life has left his clothes on the floor again!

The child that you cry every time you give thanks for is talking to you again!

This shit in life that MAKES life brilliant gets in our way.

Let me repeat that: This shit in life that MAKES life brilliant gets in our way.

We are wonderful contradictory combinations of wishes and regrets, of ignoring our priorities, and forgetting our paths.  

That puppy that is shitting right now all over your white couch is the same puppy you held dreams for.  Embrace it.  Laugh at the situation.  Love the puppy.  Add it to your stories.  Remember that one time your husband did that thing AND you didn't kill him.  hahahaha 😂

I need to wrap this up for now, but I'm thinking this leads nicely into storytelling again and gratitude...

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