Shame on You

 A teacher once told me that shame is someone else's sin placed on you.  

That is the best explanation I can think of.  

Original sin is someone else's sin placed on you and some (not all) churches have a driving need for you to feel shame over it.

"Shame on you..." adults say when as a child they want you to be aware that you broke societal norms.  

The Scarlett Letter... when a woman, not of privilege, has sex out of wedlock and is caught the whole culture shames her.  

Shame has no other purpose than to force you into the image of others, usually society at large.  

When you aren't learning and growing, you are dying.  Life is ever evolving.  Flowing.  Change.  

Some people will want to shame us for trying to change.  For changing and growing... but dear heart... if you aren't growing you are dead.  

And if you are feeling dead inside, encourage growth.  It might be that you need to try a new creative expression.  Dance, music, art, writing.  Learning helps the brain out so much.

Here is one of my anthems: 


It does not encourage you.  It does not help you.  It is soul crushing.  It is trying to force you into being something you are not.  

Stop accepting it.  

What did you say? Um...

You heard me, stop accepting it.  Shame can only be placed on you with your agreement.  You have to choose to accept it.  It isn't yours.  

I was once at an event where we were asked to take off our shoes.  Later on, I put my shoes back on and instantly knew it was wrong.  I had accidentally swapped (almost identical) shoes with someone else and I could feel the weirdness of the shoes that didn't fit.

Shame doesn't fit you.  You put on someone's shame and shrug your shoulders and say, I guess this is fine.  

Shitfuck dude.  If you embrace one thing out of this entire blog, shame is not your color.  It looks wrong on you.  It makes your ass look big.  Don't wear.  Don't take it on.  That's someone else's.  Nachos.  Feel me?

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