What is Your Ugly Story?


What is your ugly story?  

Oh, I know you have one.  We all have at least one.  For some of us we collect ugly stories.  

My ugly story tells a moment in my life when I was lost and hurting and I did something that I feel deep guilt over.  I have more than one, but that is the basic outline of EVERY singly one.  

What is the outline to your ugly story?  

We carry these ugly stories with us usually for a lifetime.  They become our personal cross to bear.  We feel that they remind us not to do that evil again.  It's our penance and we become the priest from the Scarlet Letter self-flagellating with a scourge.  

But we don't have to.

Here is something I have found useful when I am ready to let go of an ugly story.  I share it now in hopes that it inspires you to let go of your ugly story.  

  • Write a letter asking for forgiveness.  This letter can be to your younger self.  It can be to someone involved in the situation.  It can be to the Universe.  Write down all the ugly.  When you've finished, pause and reflect on it.  See all the ugly pouring from you into the letter.  Let that letter hold the guilt and shame.  Thank the letter for carrying it for you.  Love it.  Love yourself.  And when you are ready, burn the letter.  Watch the flame, the smoke, and see that ugly turn into healing that is carried out into the world.  Allow your moment of healing become a healing for all.
Be a light unto the world where hope becomes contagious.  

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