Staying Steady


As I evaluate where I am at in life, I realize that staying steady is an area that I can improve upon.  I think many of us can.  

We create a plan and then we either meet success or resistance.

  • Success: Yes, let's do more and go harder
  • Resistance: Oh no, let's do more and go harder
Have you ever been losing weight and you think, what if I cut out half of this meal?  And then your weight loss stalls?  

Or you are working towards a work goal and so you put more hours into it and you get sick?  Or your brain says NOPE to focusing on work?  

What if we create a plan that works.  One where we have balance.  One where we will reach our end goal.  And we work that plan until we reach it without reworking it because we meet success or resistance???

I know I have been guilty of reworking the plan part way through to totally fubar the whole dang thing and then give up.

I mean, I'm me... so it's not giving up... it's pausing till I hit it again.  Lol.  Pause, take a breath and let's get back at it.  With Sanity.  With our plan.  Give yourself some grace and remember you are a badass!

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