Rock June with Baby Steps


If you aren't tracking, stop reading and go make notes of the important things (important things to you)

  • Step count
  • Calories
  • Pages written
  • Time on task
  • etc...
Now that you have your baseline, make a small, tiny, itty bitty increase to that number and set that for your goal for this week.  

For me, my goals for this month are focused almost exclusively on health so I am tracking calories and macros, steps, miles run, miles rucked, cardio days, and calories burned.

I am not increasing my step count.  If you are getting enough steps, then more steps doesn't help.  We can go too far.  We can end up with a drive to get 25,000 steps a day... but tracking let's me know if I am sitting at my desk too long.  I don't always track.  For instance, last month I didn't use any sort of tracker because constant access to data can be harmful.  You have to find your balance.  Please hear that.  Tracking can be a tool.  Or it can be detrimental.  

My financial goals are top of the list for the year so I'm logging in daily and paying a small amount on my student loans to keep that mentally as a priority, even though it is low for the month.  

Balance.  Track when it makes sense.  Finish the first half of the year strong.  You got this.  We got this!

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