9 Days Left - What to Do


We have 9 days left to scramble to show we did something this first quarter.


We have 9 days to plan and prepare for the second half of the year. So let's do a down and dirty (oh yeah baby!) brain dump:

  1. List out must dos
    1. This might be home maintenance, pay insurance for the year, register kids for school, etc...
  2. List out big goals
  3. List out events
  4. List out things that would bring joy if they happened

Some of that was easy, right?  Some of it, say... things that bring joy... why do our brains stall?  There isn't a wrong answer.  It feels like it though.  It feels like if you miss writing down the PERFECT thing you are setting yourself up for failure for the rest of the year.  Chillax.  We can always add and subtract.  We ALWAYS have room for joy.

For me, one of my #1 is Grace and Isabella are going to college as Freshmen.  This will take time for orientation, moving, getting everything ironed out as well as financial resources as we move Isabella and get her settled into her dorm.  Planning ahead will help us be more successful.  Or at least feel more successful.    

My big goals will be to continue my fitness journey and financial (get outta debt, yo), but I want to list tangible markers that can be met either monthly or quarterly.   

We have birthday, anniversaries, and Christmas this second half of the year.  Are there sales that you can take advantage with the proper financial preparation.  Will you be skipping gift giving this year to work on financial goals?  Do you need to warn/alert people to this change?  

How are you tracking on your overall 2021 goals and how will you focus to finish those off?

9 days give you plenty of time to brain dump, wish list, set goals, and plan.  Getter done!

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