30 Days Till...

 You have 30 days to:

  1. Learn how to do a push up
  2. Lean how to do a pull up
  3. Start a blog
  4. Start a YouTube channel
  5. Start a podcast
  6. Run a mile
  7. Perfect the chocolate chip cookie
  8. Find the best lasagna recipe
  9. Find your signature dish
  10. Cement self prioritization habits
  11. Learn a new skill for work
  12. Start a garden
  13. Walk every single day
  14. Spend time feeding your brain daily (reading)
  15. Jump rope daily
  16. Reach out to the important people in your life and thank them
  17. Cut out soda
  18. Cut out caffeine
  19. Quit smoking
  20. Get "dressed" every day
  21. Drink more water
  22. Journal daily
  23. Meditate or pray daily
  24. Find a church
  25. Create a bedtime habit
  26. Wake up 30 minutes earlier
  27. Make your bed daily
  28. Believe in yourself despite yourself (You don't have to believe everything you think)
  29. Reduce your junk food consumption
  30. Recreate yourself
What you gonna do with your 30 days?

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