StoryTeller - Hard Things Continued

Sometimes on our way to do hard things we get overwhelmed.  We've started telling a new story to ourselves and we hit a wall mentally.  If you can power past it, go for it!  

But what if you can't power past it.  What if you try to power past it and you end up giving up all together.

First have patience and grace with yourself.  Don't fall back into old stories.  You aren't stupid.  You aren't  failure.  You are learning how to move walls.  You are learning you.

Yes, I keep going over and over again baby steps.  That's because I frequently need the reminder myself.

I told you I want to be a marathoner, but made some poor choices at the end of the year and an injury later I am back to training.  

Part of me want to jump immediately back into 14 mile long runs.  I was just doing those 6 months ago.  My body remembers that, right... well I don't know about you, but I have a major mental game around that.  

I can't rage into a long run, I need to slide in a long run all sneaky like.  lol.  I need baby steps.  I might get frustrated with where I am at, but dammit every single year I am better than I was before.  Every single year I am more true to my inner queen.  You know exactly what I mean.  

Put some headphones on and listen to Eye of the Tiger .  Close your eyes.  Who are you when you listen to that song?  Is that not the song for you?  Put on your song then.  And send me a quick note here telling me what your song is.  

Stop giving up on your story.  Plot twist, you do succeed.  

I remember talking to my husband about dreaming big.  One of his big dreams is to live on a boat.  He knows that's not my big dream.  For him to achieve his dreams, there will need to be adjustments.  I don't want him to ever give up on dream.  I want him to work for everything he has.  It's so much sweeter that way!  

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