Book Recommendations

I feel like every other day I am writing one of these.  Not true, but time is elusive and hard to keep track of.  Loosey Goosey.  

Let's get into it.

I had no clue Tina Turner is a Buddhist.  I thought this was a great little introduction into some Buddhist principles.  I don't think there is any magic bullet chanting and I doubt she would say that, but it does feel a bit like that when reading this.

If you are looking for a book on racism from a white person to a white person.  Personally I believe there are better books out there.  Just look at some of my other book recommendations from the last year.  

Lovely piece of fiction that inspires one to embrace what life we have.  Totally made me cry.

A great mystery piece.  Love mystery with a touch of supernatural.


I love this series.  Fun, steampunk, mystery series.  A little bit of British Victorian with a hint of the American Wild West.  

What you reading?

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