Random Recommendations

 When you are getting started on trying to reduce your wardrobe, I would highly recommend trying out a wardrobe capsule.  

Classy Yet Trendy - I started out with using a few of these.  Now that I am on a no buy I am reusing what I already have.  

Everyday Savvy - free capsules that are from one store.  Definitely uses different color schemes.  

Matt D'Avella - a male version of me.  If I was cool.  Minimalist motivations.

Frugal Fit Mom - a funny semi-frugalist.  I say semi because she has more money available to her now so she buys more expensive ingredients, but similar frugal background.

The Minimal Mom - simplify your life and your family!  

THE WADS - kind of a train wreck meets Jim Carrey that makes me feel more capable.

style apotheca - has an aesthetic that I appreciate while tackling similar issues of minimalist, reducing consumption, and debt payoff.  

Phil Does That - the most incredibly sexy man with a crazy amazing wife!

RachhLoves - this is a grown up version of Lily

Get It Together - small channel that speaks to my keto, minimalism, streamline heart

Mark Manson - freaking brilliant man that spits fire.  Seriously, my favorite straight talking self-help non guru guru.  You are welcome.  Go read his books.  Over and over again.

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