Contentment - My Theory

PENFIELD, Edward. Ride a Stearns and be content, 1896.

I had a lengthy discussion yesterday with one of my daughters.  She is currently struggling.  She is frequently struggling.  She sort of sobs and says, "last year you told me that I am not content."

We went on to discuss why.

I believe Rachel Hollis says something like, I can find immense gratitude for where I am at while also working towards the next thing.  

You can be goal oriented and content.  

My theory is that in order to do this, you front load by doing all your future planning with goals and metrics to hit those goals and to lay out a plan so that each day you know you are working towards your intended future while being in the moment.

I believe contentment and distraction are antithetical.  The more you can be in the moment, the more you can immerse yourself and find gratitude for this day, these people you are with, this activity you are doing, these foods you are eating.  

It isn't what you have or the joy that something brings you, it is the immersion in the moment.

Think of your favorite moments of the past year.  Was it buying that must have dress?  Was it eating that expensive meal?  Or was it taking a walk and having a talk with a friend?  Was it reading a book that captured your imagination?  Was it watching a sunset?

Experience over material.  Being present over distraction.  Accomplishment over planning.  

Front load your week, your month, your year so that you can be present, mindful, and contentment.  

So back to my daughter and why I said the above, she is struggling with being in the moment and wanting a brighter future for herself.  She is struggling with her to do list and slowing down to appreciate the day.  She said, "I know I need to write out a gratitude list" and fuck that shit.

A gratitude list will not make you happy.  If you didn't taste your breakfast, how can you be grateful for it?  If you didn't laugh when playing with your daughter (because you were on your phone) how can you be grateful for play time?  

Life is passing whether or not you pay attention!  Carpe Diem!  Memento mori!  

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