Story Teller - Our Most Told Stories

2020 has been a very difficult year for so many.  So much loss in so many different forms.  Loss of life.  Loss of our definitions of our days.  Loss of jobs.  Loss of way of life.  Loss of proms.  Loss of graduations.  Loss of our traditional celebrations that define us at a fundamental way.  

So far 2021 is no different.  

When we are in the struggle, it is a struggle on so many levels.  Identity, emotions, sense or loss of security, our trust gets shaken.  But it is these moments of struggle that define us.  It is how we navigate through them.

Our struggles are how we define our own selves which is evident in the stories we share.  

We know those people that have a story on repeat about how life fucked them.  They are a storyteller.

We know those people that have a story about how they won against difficult odds.  They are a storyteller.

It is our stories that define us.  What type of storyteller do you want to be?

Have you been fucked by life?  Well of course you have, we all have and that might be our story temporarily as we lick our wounds and then we stand the fuck back up and determine that is not us, not our story.

So if you are in a moment of struggle, what story will you tell about it?

I'm being serious here.  Stop.  Think.  What story do YOU want to tell about the struggle?  Walk yourself through it in your mind's eye.  Feel it.  Manifest it.  Live it.

Use your storytelling to empower yourself through this time.  

2020 was an amazing year for me and my family.  I hit so many personal goals and 2021 is totally my bitch.  This year, I am more fit, more grounded, more free than I ever have been before and I'm so grateful that I am intentionally telling MY story.

Don't parrot someone else's.  Don't parrot the world's story that this time period sucks.  Find your silver lining and don't apologize.  This is your time to shine!

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